Just in Case..

cancer and serious
disease screen for

Just INCaSe... of hidden disease

Our dogs can't tell us if something is bothering them. They may not even know something is wrong. Finding early signs of disease can give you more effective options in preventing serious damage. Early detection, less expense, better results.

Just INCaSe...of inflammation

Like in humans, hidden inflammation can be deadly when left undetected and untreated. Find, fix, and prevent inflammation from attacking the overall health of your dog. Defend against disease.

Just INCaSe... the vet cant't see it

Veterinarians often find it hard to find diseases early on. While common physical exams are good at identifying advanced disease, new ways are needed to find diseases before they become serious.

Just INCaSe... other tests aren't looking

INCaSe is the most comprehensive single blood test available for checking the overall health of your dog. INCaSe is effective in detecting cancer, and inflammation associated with hidden disease.

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Ask your vet to have INCaSe run at your next visit.

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