A good first step..


A simple blood test
for cancer in dogs

Canine cancer is common but treatable

Sadly, one in three dogs will develop cancer in their lifetime. Fortunately, new advancements and better treatments are extending the life of dogs with cancer.

Early cancer detection is key

When cancer is detected in early stages, treatment can begin before the cancer has a chance to spread and create greater damage. Like in humans, early detection give doctors a head start to treat it.

Biopsy- a big first step

Surgical biopsy is often used to diagnose cancer. The invasiveness and cost of a biopsy often make it a poor 'first-step' choice when cancer is suspected. In some cases, biopsy may not even be an option.

A blood test used to confirm the presence of cancer

The TKCANINE CANCER PANEL can confirm the presence of cancer in dogs with just a small amount of blood. When used with a physical exam or radiology, the test can help determine where biopsy is needed and where it is not.

A simple way to monitor therapy

"Did it work? Did it spread? Will it come back?" These are the standard questions following treatment. Using a simple blood test is the easiest way to verify the treatment worked, check that the cancer didn't spread, and ensure the dog remains cancer free at each follow up.

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